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12.03.2013 15:58 Age: 7 yrs

EMOnews No. 1

First steps toward building the future

Another year has passed. If we take a look back, we have to conclude that the European economic crisis has not spared our industry.  In particular, the Southern and Eastern European countries are struggling to remain strong and with little immediate prospect of recovery.

2012 was a year that showed us that the direction we had to take, the orientation to Brussels, is inevitable. We have to proceed with our strategy, because in Brussels they continue to move forward. Only together do we have a chance to influence and protect our industry. The European Commission is increasingly focused on environmental and health protection. This is also reflected in all new laws and regulations, and of course those that affect us, like the Construction Products Regulation. Whether the regulation is a blessing or a curse, is a topic of the article "The new Construction Products Regulation".

Our focus to Brussels affects not only our business but also our structure. In 2013, we will hire a new General Secretary, who will make remarkable efforts for EMO in Brussels. The filling of this position is currently being clarified. This step is absolutely necessary in order to exert influence and play an increasingly visible and active role. In addition to the already very successful work in the technical committees we can devote more time and energy for the European Commission or the European Parliament and its committees through this new structure.

A highlight this year is the second European Mortar Summit, on the 7th June, which will be held in Barcelona. The motto "Build the Future with mortar!" already suggests that the full-day event will deal with the question of what the future of our industry and products will look like. As in Paris, 2011, we will have a gala dinner the evening before. I am looking forward to professional exchanges and a reunion with you, but of course, new participants are also welcome! Further information can be found on the following pages and also on our new website

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