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28.03.2014 13:52 Age: 5 yrs

EMOnews No. 3

EMO becomes Belgian

by EMO President Ludwig A. Soukup

What a great end of the year! As seventh EMO president it was a special honor for me to sign the new statutes as required by Belgian law in December in Brussels. This marks the start of a new era for EMO. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all who supported us on the way there. I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Hans-Joachim Riechers for his splendid work as General Secretary and his engagement for EMO. Without it, many things would not have happened. Although he has handed over the position of General Secretary to Antonio Caballero González, he will continue supporting EMO as Technical Secretary of the Technical Committee in the future.

In January Antonio Caballero González took over the position as General Secretary. He is very well experienced in this job as General Secretary for ECSPA over the last 6 years. I wish him a successful start and that he will master the challenge with joy and passion. Antonio Caballero González is well connected in Brussels and able to push forward our issues. I am very pleased to have him on our side. 

Finally EMO has its headquarters in Brussels, however, let us bear in mind that it was a long and cumbersome way. In his article, Neil Beningfield reminds us of the seven presidents which paved EMO’s way to Brussels since 1991. Many enterprises are not aware of the significance of national associations. So Carlos Duarte points out in his article the advantages of co-operating in national association and describes why this co-operation and the work of national associations is vital for the future of our industry.

I look forward to our next General Assembly in May in Amsterdam and I wish you a good start into a beautiful, busy and productive spring.

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