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An article about EMO in German "Baustoffmarkt"

November 2012.   The Association of European mortar industry, EMO is making a change of direction after more than 20 years on the European stage. In an interview with German "Baustoffmarkt" editorial staff, EMO President Ludwig Soukup (CEO Baumit) explained the reasons for the proposed realignment.

Especially now that Europe is the subject of some fierce criticism and some disillusionment has occurred, as president you want to strengthen the EMO's European commitment. Why?

Ludwig Soukup: I consider this development is long overdue. In the industry we have relied for far too long on the scope of alleged national standardization – but it not longer exists.

Can you give us an example?

Especially for building materials, standardization is essential. If errors occur here, this has significant implications. This could perhaps go so far that products disappear from the market, if the standards and guidelines requirements for these products are hardly achievable. Unilateral lobbying, perhaps on the part of just one construction sector, may impact seriously and compromise another sector. Additionally the product quality may suffer due to the introduction of poor European standards. It is now the case that European standards apply everywhere without doubt. This means that they are also a key factor for national markets.

Do the DIN standards in Germany have regulatory effect any longer?

No. The European Commission has just filed a lawsuit against Germany. The complaint is that allegedly in Germany the national regulations for construction are creating barriers to trade. I think the view is not entirely unjustified. In my view it should be about creating workable regulations in Europe that ensure a high quality level of our products. Then we do not need any more special national regulations.

What should your umbrella association EMO contribute?

EMO is the umbrella organization for the national associations of the mortar and ETICS manufacturers. The control centre has been based in Duisburg at the Industrie Werk-Mörtel association (IWM) since the original establishment over 20 years ago. The IWM has thus made significant pioneering work. But now more presence is needed. EMO needs a face. We require somebody who takes care of the needs of the association on the ground in Brussels. So we have decided to hire a full-time Secretary General, whose work focuses on the fields of technology and the environment as well as in the standardization of ETICS.

Further background for our new strategy is also to be found in the new directive on energy performance of buildings, with which the Parliament is dealing. Our concern, of course, is that the potential of ETICS is considered sufficiently.

Therefore it is clear that to associations, Brussels is increasingly important.

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