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17.01.2013 13:39 Age: 7 yrs

2nd European Mortar Summit

After the successful first summit in Paris in June 2011, the 2nd European Mortar Summit will again unite chief executives of all major volume manufactures of mortars with the leaders of globally active speciality mortar companies.

The European mortar industry is changing continuously because of the enormous growth of activities in Brussels. Therefore the 2nd European Mortar Summit will deal with the question of what the future of our industry will look like.

At this event the participants could exchange ideas with other key decision-makers in order to make contacts at "eye level", discuss trends and present themselves and their enterprise and continue to be competitive in the market. The participants will benefit from lectures by prominent experts on sustainable product development and increasing market requirements and needs.

The 2nd European Mortar Summit will be held on 7th June in Barcelona. The 4 star Hotel Condes de Barcelona is located in the heart of the city and provides a suitable environment.

We would very much like to invite you to this all-day event and to the Gala Dinner the evening before!

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