Lupe EMO - European Mortar Organisation

The history of EMO

Over 30 years of success!

EMO was founded in 1991. Its foundation dates back to the time when European legislation and standardization had just begun. EMO's members quickly realised that they could take over the leadership of the whole process if they succeed in "pooling" their interests in order to speak with one voice.

Since that time, EMO has become a well respected partner for all of the relevant European bodies dealing with mortar products. The most important European CEN standards (e.g. EN 998-1 and EN 998-2), all bear the signature of EMO. Besides that, EMO is representing the industry's interests in several other groups where technical aspects of mortar products are discussed, e.g. EOTA.

As a consequence most of the mortar producers had no difficulties when the time came to switch from their well-known national regulations to the new European ones. A lot of money has been saved by the companies because European regulations fit their needs in a very convenient way.

Today the focus of EMO's work is on the environmental and health aspects of mortar products. The next generation of European standards will include far-reaching requirements concerning the content of so-called "regulated substances" and their effect on indoor air, soil and groundwater. If attention is not paid carefully enough to the development of this process it could result in desastrous new burdens for the industry. EMO is working on a common approach showing that mortars are far away from any critical limits concerning their indoor and outdoor behavior. EMO members are making great efforts and co-operate with the leading European research institutes to demonstrate the safety for the environment of mortar products by scientific means.

Schatten EMO - European Mortar Organisation