Lupe EMO - European Mortar Organisation

What is the role of EMO in the Mortar & ETICS Industry?

The European Mortar Industry Organisation EMO, established in 1991 by the national associations of European producers, fulfils several roles all directed towards the future on behalf of its members. These different tasks can be summarised as follows:

1 European exchanges

The manufacturers of factory produced mortars meet annually at the EMO general meetings and more frequently during the meeting of specialised committees covering technical and environmental aspects. Each country's national practices are recognized since the use of factory produced mortar varies by country and within regions. The exchange of experience with the aim of improving and developing the product range and technology is the key role of EMO.

2 Harmonization

Technical committees specialising in different types of mortars, have progressively established a common terminology to allow exchanges of information. Harmonisation of testing and of performance specification have to date been agreed for the many sectors of mortars.

3 European Standards

EMO is the professional organisation for producers of industrial mortars and is recognised as a partner within the CEN (European Committee for Standardisation), the European Parliament and other European institutions.

European Standards are under preparation for the main important mortar types, e. g. masonry mortar, rendering/plastering mortar, floor screeds mortar, mortar for tile fixing and concrete repair mortar. Work has started on a standard for external thermal insulating composite systems (ETICS).

Schatten EMO - European Mortar Organisation