Lupe EMO - European Mortar Organisation

Goal 3

Your benefits

National associations are in close contact with their members. With the help of EMO they are always up-to-date concerning the latest European developments.

Strengthening of national associations!

Only a powerful and active association guarantees functioning markets.

Who else will represent our interests on a national and international level?

EMO considers itself as a service centre for its members. For example EMO thus participates in the cross-border and cross-industry initiative (NEPSI – European Network for Silica) which helps protect millions of employees from dust exposure harmful to health and at the same time avoiding extensive new statutory regulations. The aim is to address European issues in a centralised, efficient and cost-effective manner instead of leaving the countries to deal with this on their own.

Furthermore, EMO informs its member associations on current developments, changes in legislation and upcoming projects, etc. EMO also maintains a database of the technical terms used in the industry in the various languages. This ensures a standard terminology across our industry.

Schatten EMO - European Mortar Organisation