Lupe EMO - European Mortar Organisation

Goal 6

Your benefits

EMO takes care that sustainability and mortar become two sides of the same coin. Mortars are sustainable - and EMO will communicate this message to the right people.

Creating awareness for sustainability!

Mineral mortars are ecological building materials. This is a fact!

Who will inform our audience, the national and international public about this?

Sustainable and healthy construction work in Europe will become more and more important in the future. Here it is essential to clearly emphasise the advantages of our products and their durability, and/or document the absence of hazardous substances compared to other building materials on the market.

For this reason, a project for the analysis and testing of our products in connection with the Construction Project Regulation (CPR) was initiated in 2010. In the context of this project, all relevant issues and questions will be analysed and addressed.

Schatten EMO - European Mortar Organisation