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Lessons from Mother Nature

Rufous Hornero (Furnarius rufus, in Portuguese, João-de-Barro) is a clever and hardworking bird commonly founded in South America (Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay).

Rufous Hornero is an ovenbird because of the shape of his nest. Rufous is a skilled builder: the couple carefully prepares mortar and applies it. The raw-materials are clay, debris and straw, this one to improve the flexural resistance of the nest.
The nest could measure from 15 to 30 cm in diameter, with 2 compartments: one for the couple, the other for the kids.

Before constructing a new nest, Rufous tries to renovate an old one, revealing a conservative approach on saving construction products. Rufous Hornero is the National bird of Argentina and the hero of a lot of traditional songs in Brazil. Rufous himself is a great singer.

P.S. There are rumors that Rufous Hornero (male) is jealous. Whenever he suspects his female betrays him, he locks her in the nest. However, this vengeful behavior has not been proved.

Carlos Duarte, APFAC, February 2013.

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