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History of Mortar

Mortar itself has a tradition of several thousands of years. Gypsum based mortars have already been used 10.000 years ago. Lime came into operation 6.000 B.C., but it had been the Romans who first used lime as a constituent to produce mortar. Cement, which is actually the most important binder for mortars, has been invented in the 19th century. This was also the time when the production of factory made mortars begun.

In former days mortar was produced from local constituents being available in close proximity to the building site. This led to a wide variation in quality and durability. Growing demands on performance, workability and durability led to a total replacement of "site-made" mortars by factory made mortars.

Today factory made mortar is produced in modern automated factories providing hundreds of different mortars for all kinds of applications with a guarantee for constant quality and performance.

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