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2nd European Mortar Summit 2013 in Barcelona

On 7th June at the 4 star Hotel Condes de Barcelona            

Europe´s top get-together for the mortar and ETICS sector

A very enriching time and experience are behind us – the 2nd European Mortar Summit was a great success! It was gratifying to see so many delegates from all over the world visited the conference. They took this unique opportunity to establish new cross-border contacts for future collaboration and came to catch up on the latest research in the field of sustainability.   

We thank all our sponsors and partners. Without them are events like the Summit not possible. We are also very grateful that we had such excellent speakers. They have filled the 2nd European Mortar Summit with life!

The themes ranged from theoretical questions about trends and challenges of the future to practical answers about environmental requirements. The panel discussion offered Gülden Tombas (Kalekim), Christoph Dorn (Knauf Gips KG), Robert Schmid (Baumit Group), Frank Reichle (Wacker Chemie AG) an Manel Guillem Ballesteros (Cements Molins) the possibility to communicate their positions and views about the demands towards politics and associations.

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Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher

Trends and challenges of the future with regard to energy efficiency, building materials and construction

Trilemma of our modern world (eng) / (ger)
Double Factor Ten – Responsibility and Growth in the 21st Century (eng) / (ger)
Positionspapier vom Senat der Wirtschaft zur Finanzmarkt- und Eurokrise
Klimapolitik nach Doha – Hindernisse in Lösungen verwandeln
Bibliography / Global Marshall Plan Foundation

"This was a very interesting meeting. The organizers as well as the participants were deeply concerned about sustainability in the building sector. The representatives of the national Spanish organization were very determined to master the difficult economic situation by a new orientation of their work."

Gala Dinner on 6th June

Restaurant PRINCIPAL, Barcelona

Impressions from the surroundings

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