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3rd European Mortar Summit 2015 in Lisbon

The Conference of the European Manufacturers of Mortars, Plaster & Renders, Adhesives, Screeds and ETICS  

The European Mortar Summit is the biennial gathering of the manufacturers of mortars, plaster & renders, adhesives, screeds and ETICS to exchange views on topical subjects and future trends. After Paris in 2011 and Barcelona in 2013, in 2015 the Mortar Summit visits Lisbon, Portugal’s charming, picturesque capital.

The organisers of the 2015 Mortar Summit have responded to the feedback from previous events, asking both for more technical and business related topics. The next summit will therefore provide a technical and business conference for industry experts to consider recent technological and product developments as well as market trends. The summit will be complemented by a high level congress on a major theme for experts and industry leaders.

The 2015 congress is dedicated to the very topical main theme “Moving towards a Circular Economy” and will invite prominent speakers from the European Commission, national legislators and industry to address the status quo, envisaged measures and timelines as well as challenges and good practice examples.  

The 2015 Mortar Summit will be supported by a number of partners who will have for the first time an opportunity to exhibit their products, services and companies to their business partners.  

With the conference, the congress and the exhibition, the Mortar Summit 2015 more than ever becomes the place to be for anyone related to the manufacturing of mortars, plaster & renders, adhesives, screeds and ETICS. Therefore, don’t miss it!  

Schatten EMO - European Mortar Organisation