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Syndicat National des Mortiers Industriels S.N.M.I.

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Régine Bethelot

SNMI, French Industrial Mortars Association, includes the French manufacturers of factory made and ready to use mortars.


The Board is composed of presidents of major member companies and presidents of Committees or Groups that bring together experts from our members.

SNMI is organized into 4 working-groups:

  • „WG: Mortars facade systems and thermal insulating (ETICS)
  • WG: Mortar for floors levelling (flooring and screeds)
  • WG: Mortar and systems for tiling
  • WG: Special mortars

And with 2 Committees:

  • Marketing Committee
  • Technical and Environmental Committee

SNMI experts have an active participation in standardization bodies and regulators, both French and European. SNMI is a founding member of EMO.

Board of executives:

Alain Delcourt (Desvres-Cermix)

Michel Denis (Saint Gobain Weber), Thierry Bernard (Parexlanko), Jean Jacques Laurent (PRB), Yves Chiabaud (VPI), Christoph Ganz (Sika), Gilles Bolle Reddat (Mapei), Frederic Guetin (Bostik)

Groups Chairman:
Laurent Galloux (Parexlanko), Joachim Correia (St Gobain Weber), Patrick Mafille (St Gobain Weber), Francois Bonnet (Parexlanko), Gilles Bolle Reddat (Mapei).

Alain Fabre, general secretary, Regine Bethelot, assistant.

These manufacturers, numbering 17, are either internationally established groups or French SMEs, but our association covers only the manufacturers of ready to use mortars, not dry mortars in silos.

These manufacturers produce annually about 3.5 million tons of mortars in 55 plants, well distributed throughout the French territory and directly employ 3,000 people. They carry an annual turnover of around a billion Euros.
The mortars are used everywhere in the building (Building and Construction) and our products are formulated with a strong technical and marketing requirement to meet the needs of professionals. Almost all of our mortars are standardized or certified and can be classified into four major product families:

  • Renders for facade and external thermal insulating system (ETICS)
  • Flooring and screed mortars.
  • Tiles adhesives and grout mortars
  • Special mortars for masonry, concrete repair, waterproofing, mortars road works

With the constant focus on quality improvement, and innovation (low dust mortar, lightweight mortar) our members are fully in the process of sustainable development (sustainability, environmental, health and safety of users ...) and progressing each year on the volume of job site mortars.

Our members:

Schatten EMO - European Mortar Organisation