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Verband für Dämmsysteme, Putz und Mörtel e.V. (VDPM)

Friedrichstraße 55
D-10117 Berlin
Telephone: +49 203 99239-0
Fax: +49 203 99239-97 / -98


Christoph Dorn
Knauf Gips KG
Am Bahnhof 7
D-97346 Iphofen

General Manager:

Dr. Hans-Joachim Riechers

The Verband für Dämmsysteme, Putz und Mörtel e.V. (VDPM) is the common association of all manufacturers of factory-made mortar and external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) in Germany with the producers of dry mortar as the largest group among them. Beside this VDPM also represents the producers of ready-to-use mortar, multi-silo mortar and prefabricated lime-sand mortar. It is getting more and more common to enlarge the range of dry mortars by producing and offering organic bound mortars. The work of IWM does also cover these products.

In addition the leading companies in the fields of plant and machinery as well as the extractive industry belong to IWM as sponsoring members.

VDPM represents 270 companies, which employ around 6,500 people and produce about 13 million tons/year mortar with a turnover of about 1.4 billion euros. Members of IWM are international concerns such as regionally based companies.

Mortar is an innovative building material that is used in all areas of construction, e.g. as brick, render and screed mortar, tile adhesive or as restoration. An important field of application are thermal insulation systems (ETICS), which are used in both new construction and renovation of existing buildings. Therefore they contribute significantly to climate protection. ETICS represent an increasing part of VDPM's work today.

VDPM and its member companies have been working for many years for a healthy building and disclose the environmental characteristics of the materials produced by them in the certified environmental product declarations, for example.

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