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Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Morteros y SATE

Via Augusta 15-25
E-08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès
Telephone: +34 93 557 10 00


Celia Pérez
Ctra. Nacional 340 - Km 1.242,3
E-08620 Sant Vicenç dels Horts, BARCELONA

ANFAPA Secretary:

Robert Benedé Angusto


ANFAPA brings together, since 1987, the pioneering companies in Spain in the manufacture and development of industrial mortars and SATE thermal insulation systems abroad.
In 2014, five companies specialized in external thermal insulation systems SATE joined ANFAPA, which led to a considerable boost to the projection of the Association.
In 2020 we took a new step forward and started the journey of a new ANFAPA, formed by the union of the two great national associations, AFAM and ANFAPA.
A stronger and more representative ANFAPA that will allow us to develop a bright future, in which we join our knowledge and forces to promote mortars and EAS systems.
Keeping the same name Anfapa, we have worked to find a way to give value to add efforts and energies, and constituted a new Association that brings together the vast majority of companies in the sector.

At present there are 40 companies that contribute ideas, enthusiasm and greater capacity to develop the promotion and dissemination of the products and systems we manufacture; as well as participation in the different technical forums of standardization, whether Spanish or European. We also have the help of our 18 sponsors who support us in our daily work.
We have greater capacity to promote the quality of mortars and EAS systems, as well as to promote and develop new projects of our products and systems and defend the necessary representation of our interests before the different Administrations and public and private Institutions. With this union, ANFAPA reaches a turnover of almost 1,430 million euros, with 384 warehouses, almost 100 factories and about 4,400 employees, these figures give an approximate idea of the volume of business it represents within the construction sector, as well as the responsibility we acquire by leading this joint path.
At the same time it is good news for companies in the sector, which, surely, will see in this union the possibility of being more present in the market by expanding it, while it is an opportunity to incorporate other companies to the Association.

ANFAPA ordinary members:

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