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Baumit GmbH

Baumit is a nationwide brand supplier for color, insulation, plaster, renovation and floor system materials, with high competency, both in the dry mortar- (bagged and siloed) and pasty (bucketed) goods industry.

The construction material producer, headquartered in Bad Hindelang, which is settled in the well recognised wintersport region Allgaeu, owns 9 plants in Germany. Baumits customers include material dealerships, craftsmen, plasterers, painters, flooring specialists, architects and construction planners.

According to Baumits philosophy "ideas with future" the organization continiously sets accents in the market, especially with its innovative thermal and color technology and the products around the Healty Living line.

Since 2002 Baumit is owned by Austrian SIH (Schmid Industrie Holding) based in Waldegg/Wopfing (30km outside of vienna) and is the larges and most important subisidiary within the SIH group.

With around 40 production facilities in 29 countries in Europe and China and 3000 employees, the SIH group achieved a gross profit of around 800 million euros in 2011.

Baumit as part of the SIH group along with recognised brands like Murexin(construction chemicals) and Austrotherm(insulation) is proud to be the market leader in many countries.

Reckenberg 12
87541 Bad Hindelang
Tel. +49 8324 921-0
Fax +49 8324 921-470

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