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1st European Mortar Summit 2011 in Paris

The 1st European Mortar Summit in Paris was a great success for all concerned. We were even able to welcome guests from non-member States such as Brazil, Russia and Turkey; an indication that association work is an important element of our daily tasks.

The summit offered all participants a platform for the exchange of opinions and information. It was therefore in an informal atmosphere before the summit or during the breaks that it was possible to make contacts and arrange networks. Participants could obtain up-to-date information from the technical lectures about developments and future requirements facing the building materials industry. The pleasant surroundings of the conference venue also contributed to this.

The 1st European Mortar Summit met with the great approval of representatives from trade associations, suppliers and scientific bodies. The President of the EMO, Mr. Soukup, welcomed the international guests from beyond the borders of Europe.

The event began with a gala dinner in an informal and agreeable Brasserie atmosphere. This was already the first opportunity for the participants to get to know each other better.

The perfect setting of the conference venue, offering space not only for guided discussion sessions but also enough room for intensive technical talks, helped the summit to achieve a unique highlight.

The technical lectures, followed by discussions, allowed all the participants to freely exchange their views. The lectures examined both topical developments in the building materials industry and also future requirements resulting from climatic changes.

In Europe, there is no comparable event at which not only the technological requirements facing the supplier and processing industries are discussed but also an exchange of information beyond national borders is possible. Since most manufacturers are global players, an event of this kind is enormously important and will be continued in future. This is why you should make a reservation already today for meeting again on 7th June 2013 in Barcelona!

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